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 The flavours


The bread
At Treglia some housewives bake the braid in the firewood oven. The flour is kneaded early and the used leaven derives from the fermentation of previous dough.
Besides the housewives prepare the tomato pizza and the pizza with the broccolis and the sausage or the pizza with the sausage and the flowers of pumpkin.

The tomato sauce
Tasting spaghetti seasoned with the sauce produced by tomatos picked in our kitchen garden is very pleasant.
The tomatos picked in our fields are transformed in delicious sauce. The cooking methods are the “bagno marino” (the cooking in salty water) or the firewood .

The noodles ("Tagliariegl'") and the "gnocchi"
The homemade noodles are an other delight for gourmets. They are named "tagliariegl'" and we eat them with tomato sauce or with chickpeas and beans. The potato “gnocchi” are delicious too.


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