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A background of green, whose neighbourhood is plentiful of chestnuts and mushrooms of a very wide variety is the ideal condition to promote a demonstration like the feast of the chestnut. Such event has the aim to spread the knowledge to a wide public about a product that arises from the culinary rustic tradition and lends oneself to be tasted in several ways. The feast of the chestnut happens about half October. During two evenings we can taste several local specialities:

First courses:
  • Slowcoach with hare's juice
  • “Risotto” with boletus mushrooms

Second courses:
  • "Pettera", that is pork's breat cut into little pieces and cooked with vinegar peppers
  • Pork’s steak
  • Pork's sausage


  • "Vrole", that is delicious roast chestnuts
  • "Vallani", that is delicious boiled chestnuts
  • Several pastries and cakes with the chestnuts

Everything goes with excellent local wine. The evenings are cheered up by folk groups that venture upon musics and dances suitable for the occasion. The kind of chestnut picked up in the chestnut woods of Treglia is named "ufarella"; it is cultivated since remote times in the secular chestnut woods of Treglia at Campole locality and it has particular characteristics as regards others. In fact, the "ufarella" chestnut has smaller dimensions, brighter peel and clearer colour; when the "ufarella" is raw, it is easy shelling it and taking off the thin skin that covers it. It has a quite sweet taste; therefore, it is suitable for the production of several varieties of cakes.


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