Walk Windmill - Campole

Going along Vicolo Marra to the end, you can take a path which leads to Monte Sant'Erasmo, where it is possible to reach the old windmill. This structure had been transformed into a chapel which housed two statues: the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary. Until the early seventies a mass was celebrated here every May 1st. Currently the two statues were transferred to the Church of Treglia and the structure is still standing now in a state of disrepair. From the windmill it is possible to admire a splendid panorama of Treglia seen from above.'. Continuing along the stretch called "counter" you take an uphill path that leads at Campole where it is possible to dive into the woods.

Walk Treglia - Casalicchio

A relaxing walk is the one along the road that connects Treglia with Casalicchio and that crosses Forelle. Starting from Treglia, you reach Casalicchio (where it is possible to visit the Church of Sant'Andrea) and go down to Savignano, for then go up again to Treglia.

Lazzaro Fountain - Mount Friento

About three kilometers away from Treglia it is possible to reach Fontana Lazzaro, in the municipality of Liberi. Here it is possible to quench your thirst and enjoy a pleasant coolness, especially on hot summer days. The place is also equipped with a picnic area. From Fontana Lazzaro starts a path that climbs Monte Friento and leads up to its summit. It is a place to go at least once in your life as it offers a truly breathtaking panorama.


Another place to go not very far from Treglia is the characteristic village of Sasso, in the municipality of Castel di Sasso. Here too it is possible to enjoy a splendid panorama.