The gastronomic tradition of Treglia has some elements that are intelligible if we consider the life condition of previous century, before the second world war. The economy guaranteed only the survival, the family was numerous and working in the lands was very laborious.
In a similar context, the working of pork was very important; the sausage, the ham, the pillow and the bacon were smoked to guarantee a nice flavour and a long preservation.
Killing a pork was a happy event because it signified a new victualling. The sheeps and the goats were very important too; in fact, their milk had a wide utilization. The cereals, the vegetables, the dried fruits expecially the chestnuts, were utilized because near Treglia there are some secular chestnut woods.
The hare and the boar were present in the Treglia's cooking too. Well, the time didn't damage the traditions that our grandfathers handed on us.