Treglia is a picturesque village rising in a green valley, covered by some torrents and defined to the West by mount S. Erasmo(m. 743) and to the East by mount Friento(m. 770). Treglia has about four hundred of inhabitants and it is crossed from the provincial road that connects it with Piedimonte Matese to the North and Caserta to the South; the distance from both is about 25 Km.
Treglia is in the commune of Pontelatone, to the North of Caserta. Its name derives from "Trebula", ancient town before samnite and after roman; it rised on the ruins of the ancient Trebula.

At a distance of one mile there are the evocative Savignano and Casalicchio hamlets. At Savignano the director Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed some scenes of his film "Il Decamerone"; at Casalicchio you can admire some wonderful views.
The time didn't damage the charm of uncontaminated nature, the quit and the genuine flavours; those same virtues that, some time ago, motivated the Cicero's stays and the eulogies of classic writers as Plinius the Old and Marziale.