The spread of the Internet as a means of mass communication has reduced the cost of access to the network and has changed in a tangible way the way to find and transmit the information. Just think of the various forms of messaging (primarily e-mail and Whatsapp), and trading online and the dizzying development of social networks. The promotion of the TregliaOnLine website is meant to be the answer to such an evolution, an open door to the web to those who wish to explore the Trebulana reality and that of its surroundings and have a constant point of reference. Such a project has, by its nature, due necessarily involve different skills and, in this scenario, I would like to thank without distinction those who have lent or will want in the future to lend their collaboration to the improvement or extension of the project. A special thanks goes to Giovambattista Sabino, who persevered in documenting the site, created a significant portion of the photographic services and the logo of the site. He has also been close to me throughout the development period, providing valuable suggestions for improving the contents. Many thanks also go to the following people:

  • Fabrizio Sabino, who oversaw the entire section relating to nature in whose gallery Domenico De Matteo's photos have been used.
  • Massimo Migliucci who, by making his extensive photographic collection, contributed to the documentation of the origins section.
  • The archaeologist, Mr. Claudio Calastri, expert on ancient civilization of Trebula Balliensis, for having made his culture available for the enrichment of articles related to origins.
  • Marina Parillo, for correcting the English version of the website.
  • Carmela Sabino, for her sweet poems.
  • Robert Marchment, for his reflections on Treglia.
  • The late parish priest Don Antonio Ragozzino, for translating Cicero's epistles.
  • Pietro Scirocco, who contributed to the development of the section relating to flavours.

Raffaele Apisa